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Second Social Justice Roundtable Brings Grassroots Into Focus

By Kevin Sweeney on Aug 10, 2020 3:23:26 PM

Even two months after murder of George Floyd brought conversations about social injustices and racial inequality to the forefront of the national dialogue, the college basketball community continues to come together to discuss issues that people in the profession face both inside and outside the game of basketball. After the first rendition of the event brought together more than 200 coaches for a night of conversation and growth, this month’s panel had an extra emphasis on those who work at the grassroots levels of basketball. Leaders in JUCO and prep basketball as well as representatives from the scouting community spoke for close to four hours about the ways they can continue to educate themselves, each other, and their programs about these important topics. The conversation was moderated by Brian Burton and Adam Gordon.

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Nima Omidvar - George Washington

By Rising Coaches Podcasts on Jul 10, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Jul 10, 2020

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Podcast: Dana Pump is one of the most influential people in basketball over the last 30 years

By Rising Coaches Podcasts on Jun 8, 2020 12:50:03 PM

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