Rising Coaches is excited to announce a new partnership with CoachSpeak.net. CoachSpeak.net is a websites of anecdotes, stories, expertise and perspectives from coaches in their own words.

“Today is a very cool day for Rising Coaches to officially partner with CoachSpeak.net. Their platform is an extremely unique and special one in coaching and one that not many may be familiar with,” said President of Basketball Operations Brian Burton. “It is a platform designed to empower coaches to use their voice to speak & share stories or expertise from their own point of view. So often it’s someone else speaking about coaches or in many cases ‘for’ coaches without even truly knowing the coaches perspective.” Burton added.

CoachSpeak.net’s aim is to provide diverse content from a diverse group of contributors on a wide range of topics. Sometimes the subject matter will be instructional. Other times it may be totally unrelated to sports. The idea is to have coaches express themselves in their way. They believe that CoachSpeak.net will serve as a unique resource for insight and information from some the most interesting people you will ever meet… Coaches.

“Rising Coaches and CoachSpeak.net were born of the same mindset. Platforms with the intent to serve coaches along their journey. Professional development, support and a place for coaches to tell their stories. To put it simply, this partnership is a natural one.” said Founder of CoachSpeak.net and SMU men's basketball head coach Rob Lanier.

CoachSpeak.net gets contributions from some well renowned head coaches at the professional and collegiate levels. They also have the pleasure of having coaches from the High School and youth levels as well as assistant coaches from throughout the country.

“The part we love about this partnership is the 2 organizations have tremendous alignment and embody the same mission and core values. Ultimately, both entities have been built with a mission to empower, support, & shine a positive light on coaches and their journey.” Burton further added. “We are very grateful to Coach Lanier and his team at CoachSpeak.net for embracing our vision to honor and partner in the great work they have done behind the scenes in college basketball since 2016. It will be not only be add great value to our members but also to the basketball community as a whole.”


About CoachSpeak.net

Coachspeak.net is a platform for coaches from all levels to express themselves on a wide range of topics. It began as an idea in the spring of 2016 and became a reality on June 11th, 2017. It is a not a site about Strategy, Instruction or Coaching philosophy but it certainly can and will explore those areas. It is a site about people. Coaches are some of the most dynamic and charismatic people you will meet. They are leaders, they are teachers, they are wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. So we wanted to give them the opportunity to share their Anecdotes, Stories, Expertise and Perspectives in their own words. 

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