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Rising Coaches Announces 2022 Award Winners

By Rising Coaches on Nov 1, 2022 7:56:00 AM

Birmingham, AL - Rising Coaches is proud to announce its second annual Rising Coaches Awards for 2022.  With 1,500 plus members of all levels, Rising Coaches is an inclusive membership-based community for basketball coaches. Rising Coaches assists by providing relationships, development and job opportunities. 

The Rising Coaches Impact Award recipients are Alex Ulrich, Brian Burton, Cabral Huff, Caleb Kupa, Carli Codner-Pinto, Carolyn Smalls, Chris Dorsey, Chris Straker, Daniel Marks, Dave Nedbalek, Durrell Robinson, KJ Kenny, Krystal Burnett, Lucas Ramirez, Matt Elkin, Sevag Ketenjian, Shimmy Gray-Miller, Travis Lewis and Veronica Ryan

The Impact Award honors those who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to impact the coaching community. 

“Congratulations and thank you! These coaches have dedicated hours upon hours giving back to our profession and have helped countless coaches in the process,” said Rising Coaches Co-founder Adam Gordon. “This group always looks for new ways to impact others and never hesitates when called upon to pour into other coaches or give back to the coaching community.”

In addition to the award winners, Rising Coaches has also given out over 200 Certificates of Recognition which is given to members for their dedication to their craft and the coaching community over the past year. These coaches have invested time into their own development and the development of others in the Rising Coaches Community.

Coaches must be active members of Rising Coaches to be eligible for any Rising Coaches award. Rising Coaches assists by providing relationships, development and job opportunities to its' members.  For more information or to become a member of Rising Coaches, visit www.risingcoaches.com

For a full list of award and certificate winners please see the graphics below.Unknown-3Awards Draft (5)


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