Birmingham, AL (9/10/2020) - Rising Coaches, a nationally-recognized membership-based community for basketball coaches and personnel, is proud to announce the launch of Rising Coaches Consulting. Rising Coaches Consulting will provide mentorship and career guidance for coaches at all levels, from youth basketball to the NBA. Its mentor roster boasts a combined 160-plus years of coaching and 35 coach of the year honors.

“We match each coach in the program with an experienced coach who focuses on promoting their personal and professional growth,” said Matt Gordon, Director of Rising Coaches Consulting. “Our goal is to help coaches advance in their careers through communication and shared experiences that lead to critical thinking. We designed the program so each of the coaches in the program are empowered to come up with their own solutions as well.”

Over the last 11 years, Rising Coaches has built a community for coaches who connect, build sincere relationships and develop skill sets needed to excel in the basketball profession on a number of different levels.

“Building a mentorship program with like minded coaches and basketball personnel who have years of experience, is a way to build the next generation of coaches.  It has been extremely rewarding for everyone involved thus far,” added Adam Gordon, Rising Coaches CEO. “As we continue to add mentors and grow the program, we look forward to playing an important part in the development of many people around the world who want to perfect their craft and not only be great coaches or managers, but true leaders in their communities.”

Why We Help

Rising Coaches Consulting helps each individual improve as a coach and as a leader in the industry. With personal and professional growth set as goals, advancing in the coaching profession is also a priority. In addition to work on and off the court, we also hope they embrace the opportunity to become active and inclusive members of their community.

How It Works

After an initial conversation, Rising Coaches Consulting pairs each coach with a coaching mentor who has years of practical knowledge in the industry and can help navigate almost every aspect of the coaching profession.

Who Our Mentors Are

Our coaching mentors are well-versed in the wide range of issues that coaches often face. They use that knowledge and experience to develop a program based on a coach’s own culture and brand. Rising Coaches Consulting also helps its coaches maximize their time and energy to become more efficient and happier in their current job. 

“Coaches often need someone to help them navigate through all kinds of situations, and we are here to help them find solutions during those times,” added Matt Gordon.

Access to the Whole Mentor Team

Each person will have access to all of the program’s mentors through a monthly virtual meeting and online discussion groups. These groups will give everyone access to a variety of mentors from various backgrounds to provide additional insight.

“This program will also build and strengthen our clients’ network and relationships, which are critical in order to move up in the coaching world,” added Matt Gordon. “They will have a chance to meet all of the program’s mentors, as well as the opportunity to connect with every mentor in monthly group calls.”

What Coaches Are Saying

“Rising Coaches Consulting has helped me further realize the importance of differentiating yourself and finding the next steps to continue to grow within the game!”

  • Ian Keiderling

“The insight I have been able to gain with my mentor in just a short amount of time is incredible!"

  • Enrico Kufuor

“The mentors really care about our success as a coach and a person, and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.”

  • Tyler Slick

“The information I have received thus far has been invaluable!”

  • Hannah Whitaker

For more information, please visit RisingCoachesConsulting.com and click the “Learn More” button to schedule a free consultation.

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Written by Rising Coaches