Carmen Maciariello is the founder of Coaches 4 Change and Head Coach at Siena College.

1. Why did you get into coaching?

Do help others grow and learn, to give back

2. How many years have you been coaching?

13 at the D 1 level, 20 over all w grassroots

3. Who has been your biggest influence in coaching and why?

Former Assistant Coach, he's like my second Father, always tells me the truth

4. What do you enjoy most about coaching and why?

The problem solving, the reward of seeing growth and the relationships

5. What has been one of the greatest lessons you have learned about life through coaching? Please explain.

The process will always be more important than the end result or final outcome.

6. What is your ultimate goal in coaching?

To reach, impact and grow as many future leaders as possible

7. What has been your greatest lesson as a coach during the pandemic?

As much as things change, your outlook and positivity must always remain. We try to always be proactive vs reactive.

8. What has been one of the toughest lessons you have learned through coaching. Please explain.

Sometimes you can want success more for a student athlete than they want for themselves, some will not realize the loss of an opportunity until years later

9. As a minority coach, what do you feel has been the biggest challenge for minority coaches in the profession?

I'm an Italian American, I would say overcoming stereotypes

10. Tell us something about yourself that people would be surprised to know about you.

I worked with children with disabilities/special needs as a 1 on 1 aid in the local school district, never knew I wanted to Coach until I was playing professionally in Italy.

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