As the calendar turns to 2021, it doesn’t look like virtual calls are going anywhere anytime soon.  At Rising Coaches, we work together to do everything we can to build our personal and professional branding message.  Video call presence has become increasingly important as the front door to our own personality during the pandemic.

Video calls have helped us connect with family and friends while quarantining at home too. Air travel is down 88 percent this year.  Bottom line: video call etiquette will continue to be an important part of our daily lives in 2021.

There are a number of dos and don'ts that you can prepare for before, during and after a video call.  None of these are difficult, but following these tips could zoom you to the head of the class. And even better, all of these tips won’t cost you a cent.

If you have additional etiquette tips that work on your video calls, reach out on social media to @BeeYoungComms. 

Prepare before the Call

  • Dress like you are going to be on TV -- wear a solid bright color top or jacket and minimal jewelry.  A solid tie is a plus if it’s an job interview.
  • Make sure the internet is strong and secure.  Double check to ensure your WIFI network is selected.
  • Log on early and check out the lighting -- no windows behind you please!
  • When you log in, make sure it’s your name that will be seen when you are speaking (eg: @MichelleYoung and not @Spicy92GoGo or @EYEmakeBUCKETS)
  • Don’t use distracting backgrounds (so many on Rising Coaches are guilty of this!) Select a solid color wall with minimal objects.  Pro tip: make sure there isn’t something in the background you don’t want seen on the call.
  • Ensure the camera is at eye level -- put books under the laptop if necessary.
  • Close all programs on your computer. This is not the time for embarrassing pop ups to appear.
  • Select a quiet room -- put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on your door.
  • If you are using a wireless headset -- make sure it’s connected each and every time.

During the Call

  • Look directly at the camera on your phone or computer -- not at the screen or the person on the call.
  • If you plan to record the call, make sure you let others know.
  • Keep your mic on mute when you are not speaking. Unmute each time you begin to speak.
  • Allow those speaking to ask their question/make their point by giving it a beat or two before responding.  
  • Engage by nodding your head or smiling.
  • Watch your body language -- don’t frown or shake your head in disapproval.
  • Use the chat feature for questions, comments and information others may need on the call.

When the Call is Over

  • Make sure you log off before you move onto other tasks.
  • Read over your notes from the call and follow up accordingly.

10 Tips

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Bonus Content

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Michelle Young

Written by Michelle Young