Birmingham, AL. Last week New York City based artist Alex Alpert teamed up with Chibi Dinos NFT project to create something special. Alpert designed a one of kind custom pair of Air Force 1’s that blended his unique artistic style and the theme of Chibi Dinos. Chibi Dinos is an NFT project that created 10,000 unique basketball playing dinosaurs from another universe. Ownership of a Chibi Dino grants it’s owner access to a play to earn game as well as exclusive Chibi content. Chibi Dinos has collaborated with several NBA players including RJ Hampton, Michael Carter Williams, Quinn Cook, Gary Harris, Kendrick Nunn, De’Aron Fox and many more. The Alpert and Chibi Dinos Air Force 1’s and the NFT of the shoes were auctioned off on Open Sea. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Rising Coaches DEI Alliance, whose mission is to use sports to create change for Equality in the sports profession and in local communities.

“We are very grateful for the contributions made by Alex Alpert and the team at Chibi Dinos” said DEI Alliance Senior Advisor Dr. Marcus Bright. The DEI Alliance is in the middle of their national Equality and Inclusion campaign throughout college basketball. “It’s important to talk about economic equity and inclusion and the role that sports can play in facilitating progress in that area. We want to provide opportunities for more people to learn about areas like blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and other emerging tech related sectors that will be a big part of the future of our economy” said Dr. Bright.

The DEI Alliance is following up their Equality and Inclusion Game campaign by hosting on campus workshops for athletes exposing them to the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain and teaching them how to create revenue streams by leveraging social media.


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